Leadership paradigm shift led by Kenneth-Maxwell Nance

In a world of multiple human-made crises, Kenneth-Maxwell Nance leads the world in a necessary leadership paradigm shift for the sake of lives and livelihoods globally. We see a world in disarray with the fall of the Afghan Government. After trillions of dollars funneled into the country with some of the best training and equipment for two nearly two decades, it collapsed with notice of a departure. As a result, we see education for women in the country is becoming an issue again. The Secretary General of the United Nations said “Our world is becoming unhinged.” We are seeing divisions in governments around the world.

The Gallup State of the Workplace: 2023 Report, identified $8.8 trillion in lost output. Thus the output is amidst a context with 23 percent of the workforce engaged. We see an uproar and some of the worst surfacing in universities. The use of a mental health hotline increased over 1,200 percent in a nation, as mental illness increases around the world. The world lost over 6 million lives as a result of an avoidable pandemic. However, counting as in the past has ceased. If this is the way that what we call leadership works, it is unsustainable.

Therefore, the world is in need of a leadership paradigm shift. It looks like leadership’s grand theory will be the premise of the shift. Kenneth-Maxwell states “it is nominal leadership largely practiced around the world.” Thus, leadership’s grand theory is the best in leadership towards the best in life, and the best in life towards the best in leadership. He is a key lecturer at the world’s first LGT Academy, which will host 2 million initial global learners. The leadership scholar-practitioner (scientist) will publish one of the world’s most awaited books. It is Leadership Holy Grail: Leadership’s Grand Theory (ISBN: 978-0-578-99968-5).

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