This site will facilitate the necessary and important conversation about leadership. Often, I will discuss nominal leadership, which you observe largely in the world today. The same is amidst the multiple crises, the world now experiences. Scholars said the phenomenon called leadership, was in crisis for several decades. We observed the low marks received in the top trust and confidence polls. References to nominal leadership, or “as leadership is commonly understood”, is to distinguish the unsustainable practice from leadership.

The practice as intended and needed is firmly grounded on leadership’s grand theory (LGT). Leadership’s grand theory is the long-sought-after general theory for leadership, by a generation of scholars, to help provide a strong-theoretical foundation for all mid-range and local theories. Leadership premised on LGT will not systematically or theoretically allow for a practice that degrades and brings harm to people. Such conditions place an intended practice on a path to failure.

The opportunity humbles me to be a part of your leadership journey and or life transformation. The possibilities and potential for leadership do not get any better, as you will soon discover; if you do not already know, it occurs through the practice of principles that comprise leadership’s grand theory. You get the best in leadership towards the best in life from the sustainable-unsustainable leadership theory (SULT) method/model, the first major (mid-range) theory to emerged from LGT!

Throughout my life, I cannot remember the pursuit of a position or a leadership opportunity. However, there are many stories about how these seem to find me from a young age. The opportunity to serve you around the world is another. Countless leadership opportunities emerge daily. Will you be ready when it’s your turn, turn again, or for your purpose in life?

A Message to You

I learned to love leadership because of its potential for good. However, I hold several loves greater than leadership, and one of those loves is for people. It hurts my heart to see the lives and livelihoods of people degraded, harmed, and placed at risk resulting from practices purporting to be the leadership that I love. In reality, such practices should be more accurately defined by other phenomenon or descriptors (e.g., authoritarianism, bossism, coercion, deception, headship and others) and not the art or science of leadership.

The practice of leadership premised on its grand theory is simple but not necessarily easy. I make one promise to you now:

This site will expose you to some of the best leadership has to offer in this life; thus, leading you to the best in leadership towards the best in life. The Leadership’s Grand Theory Course at the world’s first LGT Academy covers all principles and dimension of LGT. If you diligently use the principles discussed in all your relationships daily, you will never fail as a leader in any context. The same is the prospect for any organization or nation that builds it programs and practices on LGT.

Therefore, I look forward to your involvement in the discussion, possibly seeing you at the world’s first LGT Course, and partnering in our collective success for the sake of lives and livelihoods globally!


Kenneth-Maxwell Nance