A world changing breakthrough uncovered by the discovery of leadership’s grand theory (LGT). Such a breakthrough has never been in such demand, given a context of multiple crises around the world. The long-sought-after grand theory for leadership makes bold assertions in times when leadership gets low confidence ratings in top polls. Further, trust opinions are also low. The breaking news about the discovery gives new and well-placed hope to many.

Introduction to Leadership’s Grand Theory

A short introduction to leadership’s grand theory is necessary. Thus, there is no better time for insight, given the state of what many call leadership (nominal leadership) in top confidence and trust polls, while finding nominal leadership amidst the world’s multiple crises. Therefore, this introduction serves as an important communication. However, the impact for you is as great as the action you take after review. What will you do?

This is the uncovering of leadership’s grand theory, a long-sought-after theory by a generation of scholars. Thus, the rare, uncovered theory has the potential to change the world. Markedly, the inquiry, which is a basis for LGT, was partly inspired by the late James MacGregor Burns, a leadership scholar, presidential biographer, author, and Pulitzer Prize winner.

Benefits of the Discovery

Leadership’s grand theory provides scientific, social, and other benefits for all. The social benefits of the theory are enormous, when applied to the many social problems in societies today. In addition, the theory greatly exceeds the suggestions of Aristotle, concerning government for the common good of citizens, therefore having great transformational influence for nations and governments from their current state. The multiple-triadic relational model stemming from LGT accounts for an overlooked critical dimension in development and practice – the conscience. See Figure 2. What’s more, a discussion related to this overlooked dimension, but encompassed by leadership’s grand theory, received recognition as one of the gems arising from the 24th Annual International Leadership Association (ILA) Global Conference in October 2022. “ILA is the largest worldwide community committed to leadership scholarship, development, and practice.”

The theory supported by scientific evidence and triangulated with literature across 3,000 years (Kohlberg, 1975; Maslow, 1943; Nance, 2022). See Figure 3.

Many of the following benefits relate to those certified, LGT Academy members, partners, and practitioners of the major theory and model that emerged from LGT (SULT), while providing other benefits for you and those you care about.

Other Benefits

  • Improve the lives and livelihoods of people.
  • If used, vastly improves the performance and potential of personnel in organizations.
  • Provides the basis for a variable/construct that addresses a gap in the literature, that will give the research of the I/O psychology scholar social significance, while helping to change the workplace, community, or global space.
  • Facilitates an attitude/disposition that will be high in demand, making those certified the most sought-after talent in the world – yet nothing to do with your skill.
  • Restores confidence in governments, organizations, and nominal leaders.
  • Efficaciously develop anyone without the pursuit of 101 or more must-haves (skills/traits) that are costly and time consuming if possible for some.
  • Improve relationships in any space (e.g., home, community, workplace, state/region, national, and international).
  • Greatly exceeds the positive scientific research findings for empathy, compassion, humility, resilience, emotional intelligence, and most others combined.
  • Helps you irrespective of your profession (e.g., business, government, military, others).
  • Affiliates you with 2,000,000 or more like-minded people who will have your interest in mind.
  • Members and registered learners have access to a minimum of 100 global job openings every month, 90 days after beginning the Leadership’s Grand Theory Course.
  • Where applied, improves so much more . . .
  • If used, you will never fail as a leader.

A Brief View of the Features of LGT and SULT Model

The method-model premised on the theory, contains a behavioral formula for leadership anywhere. See Figure 4 for formula and behavioral model. A more detailed discussion of each element of the formula and model is planned for future newsletter articles.

Also, the theory puts forth a set of leadership definitions grounded in the theory. The definitions, which are instructive, correlating to the predictive, preventative, and prescriptive properties of leadership’s grand theory. The definitions are a part of the paradigm shift away from the anecdotal, proliferated amidst decades of degradation, harm, and failure. See the Table below.

The theory contains a multiple-triadic relational model, and five dimensions. Four dimensions are framed by one foundational dimension, explicitly overlook in approximately 93% of all credible mid-range and local theories since 1840. One of the five dimensions of LGT include 15 sub-dimensions for a total of 19 dimensions/sub-dimensions compared to 101 or more must-haves proliferated amidst low confidence and trust in top polls, with multiple crises around the world. Such as:

  • The avoidable SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
  • IMF estimates of $11 trillion in costs, $24 trillion in lost output.
  • Over 6 million deaths.
  • Atrocities in Ukraine.
  • Fall of the Afghan Government.
  • Protests in Iran and Iraq.
  • Sri Lanka’s President ousted.
  • Divisions in nations.
  • Dysfunctional workplaces.
  • Sexual harassment in the Armed Forces.
  • Varying degrees of neurosis forming in people.
  • A call for mental support in communities.
  • The list goes on . . .

More on the LGT and the SULT Model

Those called leaders who practice nominal leadership are at the center of the mentioned crises. Generally, they practiced skills and traits from among the 101 must-haves proliferated by those who only put forth what they knew. See Figures 5-7.

More On and More to Come on LGT

Leadership’s grand theory will become the essential basis of any mid-range or local leadership theory and will compensate for critical omissions in the same. That is, if developers and practitioners of the mid-range and local desire the best in leadership towards the best in life to avoid degradation, harm, and failure.

According to a still relevant 2017 McKinsey Quarterly article, “there is overwhelming evidence that the plethora of services, books, articles, seminars, conferences, and TED-like talks purporting to have the answers–a global industry estimated to be worth more than $50 billion–are delivering disappointing results.” The current multiple crises serve as empirical evidence. Specifically, the SULT method, derived from LGT, provides the missing insight to leadership. That is, all of the necessary how-to insights practicable on a daily basis anywhere (e.g., home, throne, capitol, and a nation’s streets). The Leadership’s Grand Theory Course delivered by the LGT Academy will begin with 2 million global learners with an aim to reach 4 billion people for the sake of lives and livelihoods globally. In addition, consider the distinct advantage the initial 2 million learners from government, the development industry, members, and other early adopters will have.

What one learns from the course is practicable for a lifetime, everyday, and everywhere, delivering the best in leadership. Leadership’s grand theory will be a part Leadership Holy Grail the book in-press, with more detail on the theory. The holder of the patent pending SULT method/model signed its first license with a miracle nation that became a leader in the automotive, semi-conductor, electronics, and ship building industries. It now looks to become a leader in the space of leadership. The holder of the patent-pending method/model will begin discussions with top leadership development organizations around the world this quarter. The aim is to improve the current state of leadership and improve the lives and livelihoods of people, by delivering the best in leadership towards the best in life


Our next newsletter article will discuss the detail of the emerged leadership definitions, along with their descriptive, prescriptive, predictive, and preventative properties. Learning from just the discussed definitions is informative. Be sure you subscribe to receive notification of the upcoming newsletter article when published. If you have any questions concerning the description of the essential qualities, please do not hesitate to contact me. Being wise enough to discern the transformative power encased in the definitions and the same forms a question, you deserve an answer. The question and the corresponding answer will help propel development and practice now for the sake of the lives and livelihoods of people anywhere..

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  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon every day. Its always useful to read through content from other writers and use a little something from their websites.

    1. Thank you very much! We hope to use this site to release information now or more real-time, that will be released in the book that undergoes the publishing process. One thing I will promise as I do for the upcoming course; if one uses the principles, the same will improve their life and the lives of others. If you look around and see the multiple crises in the world, it is largely a result of a deficit of what you will find on this site, the LGT Course, and in the book. Best wishes!

    2. Thank you for stopping here. It is my hope you use and or learn more about what you see here. It has the potential to help change the world, beginning with your microcosm! Take care . . .

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