Premised on LGT: Aiming to Deliver the Best Leadership Coaching

Kenneth-Maxwell Nance, the founder of leadership’s grand theory (LGT), looks to ensure the best leadership coaching with the long-sought-after general theory for leadership. It stands as good reason, with leadership studied and practiced without a central theory to ground the phenomenon. If there was no central explanation, how can a coach determine the grounded basis of leadership to help the one called leader? Before LGT, the practice is conflated with other practices and philosophies present in organizations, such as management philosophies. The science, including empirical evidence, showed over 93 percent of the published systematic explanations lacked the most critical dimension of leadership. Those theories coming close were targets of criticism for weak theoretical foundations.

However, often the coaching engagement is built around the client’s agenda. One wise scholar at an Institute of Coaching (IOC) webinar asked a question. How can a patient seeking help prescribe the medicine or intervention for themselves? Nevertheless, leadership’s grand provides theory and practice premised on research dating back over 2,000 years. The findings are triangulated with positivist stage science with irrefutable empirical evidence.

Read more about Kenneth-Maxwell, leadership’s grand theory, and its potential impact on the world and the field of leadership coaching in a Mirror Review publishing.

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